Jaclyn Bradley Palmer has embarked on a 2 year/ 200 subject study funded by the Kulas Foundation and sponsored by Case Western Reserve University. Along with Dr. Deforia Lane, Ph.D, MT-BC; Diane Mayo, MSN, CRNA; Rosemary Leeming, MD; and Dr. Mark Schluchter (Statistician), the team will be investigating the effect of live and recorded music on preoperative anxiety, intraoperative anesthesia requirements, time in the PACU and patient satisfaction.

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Surgical Music Therapy: The Significance and Implementation of Music Therapy in the Operating Arena

While music therapy is rarely practiced perioperatively, an extensive body of research confirms the efficacy of music therapy with comparable medical populations. Numerous music-in-medicine and music therapy studies suggest that surgical music therapy (SMT) may in fact be beneficial in the perioperative realm.
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Journal of Clinical Oncology
Effects of Music Therapy on Anesthesia Requirements and Anxiety in Women Undergoing Ambulatory Breast Surgery for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial

To investigate the effect of live and recorded perioperative music therapy on anesthesia requirements, anxiety levels, recovery time, and patient satisfaction in women experiencing surgery for diagnosis or treatment of breast cancer.
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Cleveland Research
Kulas Foundation has high impact on medical studies of music therapy

"When it comes to studies in Northeast Ohio on the medical efficacy of music therapy, the research is nearly always funded by the Kulas Foundation, a local organization that for decades has provided grants for musical education, institutions, and performances.
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